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Adapting to evolving demands is molding the landscape of the tourism industry. Fostering sustainable development is imperative for the tourism sector to adeptly meet shifting demands and ensure its longevity. To address this need, Visit Finland has introduced the Sustainable Travel Finland program tailored for both tourism enterprises and destinations. This initiative comes with the attainable Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label, serving as a signal to international travelers about a commitment to sustainable practices.

The complimentary Sustainable Travel Finland program equips businesses and destinations with a comprehensive toolkit for advancing sustainable tourism. This toolkit facilitates the seamless integration of sustainable practices and choices into the daily operations of an area or business. The Carbon Neutral Experience 2.0 lends support to businesses in Uusimaa as they embark on the program’s learning path.

CNE 2.0 in Support on your STF journey

Empowering local businesses and destinations, Carbon Neutral Experience 2.0 (CNE 2.0) actively supports their journey toward attaining the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label through close collaboration with municipalities, businesses, and communities.

Through STF coaching, the initiative aims to foster sustainable tourism practices in the Uusimaa region while enhancing the knowledge and capabilities of both entrepreneurs and local authorities. The coaching sessions cover a range of topics, including responsible communication.

To participate in our upcoming spring STF coaching sessions, you can register through the link provided below. These coaching sessions are strategically organized across various locations in Uusimaa to ensure accessibility for as many participants as possible. In pursuit of its objectives, CNE 2.0 incorporates principles of circular economy and adaptability into its operations.

Uusimaa Regional Council and Visit Finland share a common goal of developing sustainable tourism as a key competitive advantage for local tourism entrepreneurs. This competitive edge aims to not only boost industry vitality and attractiveness but also stimulate growth and create new employment opportunities.

Spring schedules

Kick off 15.2. klo 9-11 (Hybrid)
Haaga-Helia UAS
Pasilan, Helsinki / MS Teams

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