Sustainable Tourism Development Path

The Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) program offers businesses and tourist destinations a user-oriented 7-step pathway for sustainable tourism development, with each step accompanied by criteria aligned with international standards.

Embarking on the initial steps may seem daunting and at times even insurmountable. Recognizing this, the Carbon Neutral Experience 2.0 provides complimentary pathway courses to assist businesses in overcoming the initial hurdles.

The fulfillment of criteria for each step in the STF program’s development pathway is verified through the STF Hub. Once the step-specific tasks are completed, and adherence to the criteria set by the STF program is demonstrably met, businesses can submit their STF label application through Visit Finland for third-party review.

Coaching To Assist You On Your Path

Implementing sustainable tourism measures is an ongoing process. The coaching sessions provided by CNE 2.0 offer valuable support for your company throughout its journey.

Whether you’re just starting, navigating the middle, or approaching the finish line of your journey, coaching assistance may prove crucial for your progress. CNE 2.0 not only aids in calculating your carbon footprint but also provides guidance on adaptability and responsible communication.

The STF label undergoes regular renewal to ensure continuous improvement, allowing Visit Finland to have confidence in sustained development. The STF program and its criteria are periodically updated, ensuring that tourism operators’ practices align with evolving sustainability standards.

To complement the STF program, a Sustainable Tourism Guide has been crafted. This guide verifies fundamental knowledge on sustainable tourism development for those following the STF pathway, introducing them to the STF program and its criteria.

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Sustainable Tourism Development Path

Successfully navigating the seven-step sustainable tourism development pathway demands a completely fresh approach. A business or destination awarded the STF label has implemented, at a minimum, the following measures:

Official decision on promoting sustainable tourism

Commitment to national principles of sustainable tourism

Appointment of an individual to coordinate sustainable tourism

Exploring the Sustainable Tourism Guide

The company participates in the Visit Finland Academy’s Sustainable Travel Finland coaching.

The destination organizes sustainability coaching sessions from Visit Finland Academy for the local business network.

Assessment of the current state through the self-assessment of the STF program.

The company holds an audited certification supporting sustainable tourism or an equivalent program.

51% of tourism businesses within the destination’s business network have the STF label.

The destination possesses a GSTC-accredited destination-level certification and an action plan to guide area businesses along the STF pathway, leading up to obtaining the STF label.

Effectively communicating sustainable tourism measures, plans, and objectives to an international audience with absolute transparency, thereby eliminating any potential for greenwashing.

Commitment to national sustainable tourism indicators and annual submission of indicator data through the monitoring form.

Developing a sustainable tourism development plan

The development plan includes a description of the company and its baseline, as well as an updatable action plan.

The development plan encompasses all aspects of the company’s operations covered by the STF label.

Both the development plan and the action plan consider all dimensions of sustainability (economic, ecological, socio-cultural).

The content of the development plan aligns with the minimum international standards set for it, and the STF program provides tools for its development.

Make an agreement for the use of the STF label.

Commit to regularly updating sustainable tourism expertise, development plan, action plan, indicator monitoring form, and certificate, as required for the renewal of the STF label. The STF label is renewed in the same cycle or approximately every 2 years, aligned with the supporting certificate.

The application for the STF label is submitted through Visit Finland for third-party evaluation.

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