Carbon Neutral Experience 2.0

The Carbon Neutral Experience (CNE) is set to advance, marking the ongoing journey towards carbon neutrality in the Uusimaa tourism sector from August 1, 2023, to July 31, 2025. Executed in collaboration with Novago, as well as Haaga-Helia and Novia Universities of Applied Sciences.

This initiative brings together a consortium of 13 municipalities in the Uusimaa region, all united by their dedication to shared sustainability objectives. Notable participants include Helsinki, Raasepori, Tuusula, Porvoo, Hyvinkää, Espoo, Vantaa, Hanko, Sipoo, Lohja, Siuntio, Inkoo, and Nurmijärvi.

Funding for CNE 2.0 is provided by the Uusimaa Regional Council, which has allocated AKKE funding to support sustainable growth and vitality in the regions. The projected total cost of the endeavor is 480,875 euros, with AKKE funding covering approximately 80%, equivalent to 384,700 euros.

Be part of our network and contribute to advancing carbon-neutral and responsible tourism in Uusimaa and across the entire Finland.


  • Measuring and Reducing CO2 Emissions
  • Boosting Circular Economy Expertise in Uusimaa
  • Fostering Adaptability and Preparedness in a Dynamic Operating Environment
  • Collaborating with Domestic and International Projects
  • Intensifying Innovation Partnerships with Stakeholders and Establishing Inter-municipal Cooperation Networks
  • Advancing the Glasgow Climate Pact and Promoting the Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland Program


Measuring and mitigating tourism emissions not only reduces environmental impact but also plays a crucial role in combating climate change. Concurrently, it elevates the region’s reputation as a sustainable travel destination, while the growth of tourism fosters job creation and bolsters regional vitality.

International benchmarks, such as the Glasgow Climate Pact, offer innovative frameworks for achieving climate objectives. The developed models seamlessly integrate into the ongoing operations of municipalities, businesses, and regional tourism organizations.

Enhancing circular economy expertise within industry businesses not only propels the green transition but also aids in adapting to a changing operational landscape and the repercussions of climate change.

Carbon Neutral Experience 1.0

The Carbon Neutral Experience 2.0 builds upon the previous project that concluded on July 31, 2023, with the aim of meeting the growing demand for sustainable tourism and striving to be at the forefront of these efforts. 

Uusimaa has set the ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. The Carbon Neutral Experience 1.0 implemented concrete measures to assist tourism businesses in reducing their carbon footprint. The objective was to position low-carbon practices as a key competitive advantage for the region and foster stronger collaboration on sustainability initiatives.

Fifteen municipalities in Uusimaa participated in the project, including Espoo, Helsinki, Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Lohja, Porvoo, Raasepori, Sipoo, Tuusula, Vantaa, Hanko, Inkoo, Karkkila, Lapinjärvi, and Siuntio. Funding was secured through the Uusimaa Regional Council’s UKKE funding.

Furthermore, the participating municipalities actively contributed to the project’s financing, demonstrating a collective commitment to advancing sustainable tourism in the region.

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