Did you know that dedicating efforts to sustainability enhances the financial performance and resilience of businesses? Or that companies operating responsibly tend to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and perceived quality? Carbon Neutral Experience 2.0 is driving the carbon neutrality agenda in the domestic tourism, restaurant, and event sectors of Uusimaa, with the goal of reaching its objectives by 2030. Simultaneously, it provides guidance and support to businesses, aiding them in the transition towards profitable and sustainable practices.

The Future of Tourism

Finland is actively working to enhance its reputation as a sustainable travel destination and a trailblazer in sustainable development. Ensuring the long-term viability of tourism is crucial, safeguarding the business opportunities and jobs that the tourism industry provides. Visit Finland has outlined its vision, aiming for Finland to become a leading destination for sustainable tourism and the top choice for conscientious travelers. CNE 2.0 plays a crucial role in supporting Uusimaa and Finland in constructing a sustainable future.

Our Mission

  • Advancing carbon-neutral tourism in Uusimaa through collaborative efforts with stakeholders.
  • Establishing a network dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism, incorporating expertise from municipalities, universities, and businesses.
  • Harnessing data and cutting-edge technologies to drive the promotion of low-carbon tourism.
  • Enhancing business proficiency and supporting sustainable growth in the tourism, restaurant, and event sectors.”

Join our network and contribute to advancing carbon-neutral and responsible tourism in Uusimaa and across the entire Finland.

Sustainable Travel Destination Uusimaa

Carbon Neutral Experience 2.0

Carbon Neutral Experience 2.0 is a collaborative initiative undertaken in partnership with Novago, Haaga-Helia, and Novia University of Applied Sciences. Thirteen (13) municipalities in the Uusimaa region, including Helsinki, Raasepori, Tuusula, Porvoo, Hyvinkää, Espoo, Vantaa, Hanko, Sipoo, Lohja, Siuntio, Inkoo, and Nurmijärvi, have committed to shared sustainability goals. The project is financially supported by the Uusimaa Regional Council and will be executed during the period from 2023 to 2025.

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